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Commercial Auto Insurance Memphis & Mid-South

Commercial auto insurance can cover a combination of vehicle types (trucks, cars) and drivers as well as some types of motorized equipment. It provides liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage while operating a company automobile, as well as physical damage coverage for the value of the vehicle. Policies can be written to address uninsured motorists, medical payments, and a myriad of situations that arise as a result of how vehicles are owned and used in a business.

Fleet Coverage

We have solutions that can be tailored to suit your business’ needs. We can work with you to recommend methods to reduce your loss frequency and severity, all with the goal of saving your business valuable resources.

Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability

Are you renting cars or are your employees using their own vehicles? This particular coverage provides business insurance coverage for certain liabilities arising from the use of a rented or leased vehicle (hired), or a non-owned vehicle (employee using their own vehicle on company business). Oftentimes this coverage can be added inexpensively to a business auto policy, or in some cases, it can be added to a general liability policy.

Use of Personal Vehicles

Insurance policies for privately owned vehicles may not cover damage to your privately owned car or truck when it is used for business, even when it’s a business such as selling cosmetics, jewelry, or pizza delivery.

Why You Should have Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you are making deliveries, running errands for your business, or anything else that involves using your company car, you are liable for any damage that may happen to you or others. To maintain your business’s reputation that you worked so hard to build up, make sure that you keep all your values protected. Without commercial auto insurance, you could suffer serious losses that your company cannot afford.

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