General Liability

Protect what you built.

Protecting your business

General liability, sometimes called “commercial liability insurance” is a broad liability policy that covers bodily injury and property damage claims that are not associated with the use of an automobile and where the exposures are not of a professional nature. All businesses need a general liability policy. As a component of comprehensive liability risk management program, you should also consider: 

Impact of Additional Insured Endorsements

Most all businesses need this type of endorsement to satisfy the requirements in a construction agreement, lease, or sales agreement. Be aware that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Using the wrong endorsement can have unintended consequences. We can help you find the best endorsements to protect your business. 

Contractual Risk Transfer

Any business that utilizes subcontractors or independent contractors can find itself liable for the acts of their “subs.” We’ll help you understand your firm’s position in the chain of contractual transfer and what methods you can employ to aid in the transfer of risk away from you, where possible.

What’s Not Covered?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a liability policy that protects your business from any type of situation. All general liability policies, even those that are heavily endorsed, will contain potential coverage gaps. We’ll help you understand the exclusions common to general liability policies and what other policy types should be utilized to fill the gaps.  

To find out more about these, as well as other business insurance products and services, call us and we’ll help make sure you’re properly covered.

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